About PK Effects website...

What happened to the old website dedicated to guitar effects?

I launched the first version of Pk Effects a couple of years ago. I was motivated and I had tons of ideas. However, I was too optimistic and not well organized. In the way I planned to do it, it would had cost me all the hours of my life. I quickly get bored and the project abandoned me as I was seeing that it was impossible to manage it correctly.

What are the characteristics of the new PK Effects website?

The objective of the new PK effects website is to share my side projects. It can be seen as a kind of blog but with additional features that should improve how visitors will discover and enhance the website content.

Articles will be interviews. Why?

I’m not good at writing. It takes me a lot of time to do it. However, I discovered that I can be more efficient if I write the content of the website as an interview. It’s closer to how I organize my ideas and I like how it structures what I want to share.

The website is in English. Why?

As the idea is to have a simple website, the content is only available in one language. English is widely used so I choose it instead of my native language.

What is the real intent of this website?

A website is for me a means of sharing what I’m doing in my spare time. But more than that, it’s also a way to keep records of them.

I don’t see all the features that you mentioned in this interview. Is it normal?

The objective is to dedicate 15 minutes per day to this website. More articles and features will be added progressively.

Will there be guitar effects soon?

Of course yes, Guitar Effects are part of my life. I love to use and design them.

Do you plan to sell them?

I do not plan to build a massive company that sells guitar effects. However, there will be limited quantities available for sale that will come along with my guitar effects experiments.